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Childhood Obesity

I'm passionate about helping prevent the onset of childhood obesity, and also not letting it become a lifetime issue.

  First positive influenza result in the office this week, Oct.15, 2018!!   Vaccinations are available in both shots and Flumist.  Please don't delay!


Dr. Jennifer S. Rodríguez, M.D.


The science of nutrition and health is still in its infancy, and each new piece of information is so critical to our children's well-being.

Physical Fitness

As the parent of a current professional baseball player and a daughter who was a competitive dancer, I have first-hand experience on how fitness and nutrition play a key role in injury prevention and lifelong health.  

​​Recognized as Pediatrician of the Year the past THREE  years by GNP! (2015, 2016, 2017)


ADD/ADHD can be effectively treated, allowing these powerful minds to achieve success in school and life. 

New Baby?

Aside from the joy of a new baby, parents can experience a great deal of anxiety about how to deal with a newborn. Our instincts are typically solid, and most of the things you are noticing and worried about are normal.

How Vaccines Work

We can safely protect your child against so many everyday threatening pathogens with these true miracles of medical science.

Patients' Choice Award Winner

Compassionate Doctor Award Winner

GNP Primary Care Physician of the Year

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The perils of sugar in our society are devastating.  It is at the core of so many avoidable diseases, and a key factor in

our high health costs as a nation. 

The following short videos are great primers on critical Pediatric topics.  They are worth your time!