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Sandra Fajardo

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Cindy Anderson 
Gina Hodson

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Lorraine Tiffany-Malone

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Dr. Jennifer Rodriguez, M.D.

 Keeping Children Healthy From Babies To College

Dr. Jennifer S. Rodríguez, M.D.

Dr. Jennifer Rodriguez
Dr. Barry Behrstock
Dr. Bette Carlson​         Dr. Peri Gunay            Dr. Kristin Pelinka
​Dr. Jeff Taylor

I am a Private Practice Pediatrician in Costa Mesa, CA.  My office is located within the Hoag Health Center building.  I am in Pediatric private practice because I enjoy getting to know families and understanding their health concerns and unique circumstances, and then focusing on staying well from the time they are babies, until they are away at college.  I spend as much time with each of my patients as needed.  I will never rush through your appointment even if the office is busy.  

I have been in this office location for over 20 years, working with my nurse, Sandra Fajardo, for most of that time.  I  share the office and emergency coverage with five other like-minded pediatricians, who will see you when I am out of the office. Although we each have independent private practices, I enjoy having a setting where we can ask each other for second opinions on complex or rare medical issues.

My practice is open to new patients.  I see patients by appointment on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I offer same day appointments in case of illness.  If you would like to have a phone interview with me before becoming a patient, please call the office to schedule a new patient consultation.